May 2018



Dear Zeta Wonder Women


The May 8 mixer will be an opinion poll seeking information to help with 2017-2018 DKG planning. Participate in the raffle--potted flowers. Look through a scrapbook or two. A volunteer to maintain the scrapbook would be appreciated. If you could use a paper bag or some bling to add to your "ME" bag, please feel welcome to take some supplies. These (with a small gift inside that is important to you) will be used at our June luncheon at 11:30 at the Wenatchee Country Club on Saturday, June 9. RSVP with payment to Zeta for early bird $15 by June 1; otherwise $20. We will keep a list of early bird commitments--so payment can be paid on site.

Didn’t we have a wonderful time learning about and actually doing flower arranging! I learned how to make my arrangements look so much better. Teri has done such a wonderful job with interesting programs.


The Aplha State Convention was very good. Our International guest speaker was Eija Litsa Sokka-Meaney, a Finnish educator. Hopefully more will put state meetings on their “To Do” list.

It was so gratifying to see all the items that you brought for the purses for the homeless and/or abused women Purse Project. We filled eight purses and took two to the State Convention and six to our own Haven of Hope. Thank you for being so generous. The receipent group in Olympia gave a wonderful report on what they are doing in the South Sound Area.

Denise and I carried white roses in honor of Ruth Pingrey and Charleyne Roberts at the Celebration of Life

Business included the raising of the state portion of our dues by $18.00 for active members and $1.50 for reserve members. (This is just $1.50 a month—less than a cup of coffee.) This will help keep our state organization solvent. State dues have not been raised since 1995.

We received Certificates of Recognition for our Effective Newsletter, a DKG Certified Chapter Website, and for increased 2017 membership. CONGRATULATIONS!

Scholarship winners have been determined. I’ll let the Scholarship Committee make their announcement.

Remember General Mills product coupons are still being collected at each meeting.
Eighteen supported the casino project in April. Next one is May 19 (not 12—Manson parade day and Mothers Day on Sunday).

We will be voting on new members (yeah). They will be initiated in September for the new year.

Dinner will be a nod to the Mexican holiday, Cinque De Mayo. It is still at the low cost of $10. Thank you Food Committee.

We are lucky to have Wonder Woman Darci Christoferson, Blossom Festival Administrator, and the Royal Court at our May 8 meeting, The Royal Court which includes Wonder Women, Queen Gretta Wiersma, Princess Sophie Castillo, and Princess Jessica Murray will talk about all that goes into being selected and then serving as the 2018 Wenatchee Valley Ambassadors. Darci will share the behind the scenes "stuff" in preparing and putting on the biggest festival in the state of Washington. Wonder Women, all!!

Robert Sez: "Like most people, members in a business meeting can do only one thing at a time, therefore Parliamentary procedure is that business is taken up one item at a time."

Geneva McCoy Jardine
Zeta President




17 - Cathy Reasor
17 - Betty Carrick
19 - Arlene Jones
23 - Pauline Peterson
29 - Carmen Bossenbrock

02-Tami Lopushinsky
10-Joanne Dalinkus
19-Geneva McCoy
22-Mardine Larsen
28-Vinny Lee




Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Geneva McCoy Jardine
Vice-President-Teri St. Jean
Treasurer-Rosa Eilert
Area 8 Liaison - Cathy Johnson Wilbur
Recording Secretary - Sherry Hemphill
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine