March 2019                         


Dear Sisters in DKG,

Do you think this winter will ever end??? Well, our next meeting, March 12 at 5:00 at the church will help us fly away with Clyde Pangborn on his epic journey across the Pacific. Dinner will be a potato bar. We had planned a field trip to the Museum, but that plan did not work out so we will be at the church as usual.

1. Maria Diaz, our treasurer, wants to remind us that dues will be due in June…a change in the International rules. You can pay in installments over the next 3 months or in June or earlier if that works best for you.
2. Thanks for all the raffle basket items already contributed….we still need more, especially for the Sweet Treats basket…those could be candy dishes, napkins, anything that goes with sweets or sweets themselves. Teri & her committee will create the actual baskets. Finished baskets will be displayed at the April 9 meeting.
3. Thanks to those doing the Snuggle Fleece Blankets for State Convention donation.
4. State Convention preparations are in high gear.
a. Decorations:school theme being prepared by Teri, Marnie and our newest member, Mary Symonds.
b. We are planning some cool T-shirts for the hosts, us and Grand Coulee, but no decisions yet. My daughter can make them for us quite reasonably.
c. We will need donations of cookies, wine, fruit, veggies, etc. for the hospitality room. Those can be brought to the April 9 meeting.
d. We think we will not need to work on convention prep on March 23, but if we do need to meet and prepare, the callers will let all members know.
I think that covers my news. Check our membership and program spotlights.
Remember, March 12 will be at the church not the museum.

Rosa Eilert, President

I wasn’t at the meeting but photos and reports tell the story—well done Denise and Rosa. Mary and Grace, we are happy to have you officially on the roster for Alpha Sigma, the state organization and Society, international segment.

All DKG leaders encourage members to share time, talents, energy, in order to reap the benefits. At our meeting, we had an excellent display of sharing talents—Marilee, with her husband, as part of the museum presentation; the members making the soup for supper; Marnie and Mary offering creativity to help our chapter provide decorations for the state convention.

And what about Sherry Schreck sharing the news of her daughter, Heidi, writing and starring in a play, “What the Constitution Means to Me” which previews on March 14 and officially opens on Broadway, March 31. Yes, Sherry and Larry will be in attendance showing their pride for this tremendous accomplishment.

How many of you have talked with Marilynn Weaver, our quiet Parliamentarian? How about asking Marilyn about her paintings she has for sale, and I am sure you will have a wonderful chat? Beautiful pictures!  - Mardine Larsen

Miss Veedol was the first airplane to fly non-stop across the Pacific Ocean. On October 5, 1931,
ClydePangborn, with co-pilot Hugh Herndon, crash-landed the plane in the hills of East Wenatchee, Washington, in the central part of the state, becoming the first to fly non-stop across the northern Pacific Ocean. The 41-hour flight from Sabishiro Beach, Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, Japan won them the 1931 Harmon Trophy, symbolizing the greatest achievement in flight for that year.

Afterward, Miss Veedol was sold and renamed The American Nurse. On a 1932 flight from New York City to Rome for aviation medicine research, she was last sighted by an ocean liner in the eastern Atlantic, before disappearing without trace.

A local group founded the Spirit of Wenatchee a nonprofit organization of EAA Chapter 424 pilots. They are attempting the ambitious project of recreating the historic flight and has built a replica if Miss Veedol. A permanent exhibit is housed at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center and tours of Miss Veedol are available through the museum as well.



12 - Dorothy Rogers
21 - Marggie Walke

19 - Julia Hoon
22 Sandie Slade
23 - Trudy Worthing


 motivational quote: Telling someone they're wrong is not the same as leading and inspiring them to do what's right.  Andy Stanley - Pastor


Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Area 8 Liaison - Cathy Johnson, Wilbur
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine